Sinfully Tanned
A color so natural... it's sinful

Aviva Original

  • Specifically formulated to create a beautiful sunless tan for clients with cool to neutral skin tones
  • People who visually see a pinkish or reddish undertone to their skin.
  • People who develop a reddish-brown hued tan naturally in the sun for whom a brown tone would look unnatural      

Gimmie Brown

  • Aviva most popular solution, 10% “with Bronzer” is the perfect choice for gorgeous, natural looking tans
    • People who achieve a true brown hued tan naturally in the sun
    • People with a brown or olive undertone to their skin (Mediterranean, Hispanic, etc.)

Winter Glow
  • The person who have heard the horror stor
  • Someone seeking their natural summertime glow in the middle of winter
  • Any person interested in your sunless tanning services and wants the most subtle look possible

Shimmer Shots!!!

Add some sparkle and shimmer to your prom, wedding or girls night out!
Shimmer shots are not only for the skin but can also be airbrushed in the hair!!!

Beautiful and elegant Simmer shots can give the glow of a princess!!

You Spray Tan first. Then after your exfoliation the next day or two .

Add Shimmer the day of your event!!

Spray Tan First Day / Shimmer after $65.00

Just Shimmer $35.00
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